07 February 2015 @ 11:11 am
Complaining Won't Solve Anything, but Who Can Stop Us?  
When it comes to work, I don't complain (much). The most I do is to talk about it with my colleagues, and that's it. No matter how painful or crazy-sounded the task is, I'll do it. What's the point of bringing it forward to the administration anyway? It only causes more problems, and most of the time involves others that have nothing to do with it in the first place.

But even I have my limits.

Year 2015 hasn't been kind in the form of my teaching timetable. I have less periods, 24 instead of 25 in previous years. But despite that, every time we have a new timetable (we have had seven in just six weeks), I will still have a day when there are seven periods. It becomes even problematic when I have three out of five classes are at the new block, which needs me to walk almost 10 minutes from the staff room, and another five to go up the four-storey building. Have I mention that all three classes are at the highest floor? Half of the week I don't even get to rest until 11.

Still I push through. Keep telling myself it's a good practice for me when I go up Mount Kinabalu this June.

Then this appeared.

So they either desperately want me to slim down, or want to see me collapse somewhere... 😒🙅 #teachinglife

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Seven periods continuously with only 20 minutes in between? What worries me is if I ever decide that sitting in class while teaching is the best, since I most probably too tired to even stand properly by 12.30. I don't believe in the notion of teachers sitting while teaching (how can students see you?), but I might as well do it. I prefer that actually collapsing in front of them (which what I rather do in the staff room instead).

Still, Monday is two days away. I shall see if I can manage it without losing my temper to someone.
Feeling: discontent