27 May 2009 @ 02:16 pm
When a Friend Doesn't Seem to Know the Word 'Shameless'...  
Not for the first time in my life, I wonder why people even bother wasting money on apartment rent when they are not even staying there.

A friend of mine has been house-hopping for the last few months. Our apartment, a friend's room, another friend's house and of course, we must not forget, her boyfriend's house. When asked about her house, she would just answer, "Oh, I just go there to shower, sleep and change clothes." And I could not help but ask myself, 'She pays NZD 175 per week just for that? What a total waste of valuable money!' And she doesn't even call it home!

She also complains a lot about her apartment doesn't provide internet. So that gives her reasons to house-hopping? How nice! *insert sarcasm here* Doesn't she knows that our apartment also doesn't provide us with internet and we have this contract with Whoosh since last year? Of course she doesn't know, she never bother to ASK. The only thing she ever bother to know is that when she's at your house, give her internet she needs to feed on!

On Tuesday, she decided to give our apartment a visit. Please take a note here that she didn't even ask for [personal profile] adlina 's permission for it, just saying, "I want to follow you back home!" and my poor room-mate just could not say no (Read: could not find excuse on the spot). The first thing she said when she got in was, "Hey! How long since the last time you guys clean the house?" Just because you're not in your house and it's squeaky clean, it doesn't give you permission to call other people's house dirty. It just proves people are actually living in it.
The next one whole hour was spent with her complaining to us for not being able to use our internet because of the security password. We can't help her there, since the password was set last year, only four people in this world knew about it, and by now, all of us had forgotten about it. Why can't she just stay and live and die at the University if she needs the internet so much? She went on and on saying she needs the internet to do something. But we knew it's not academic, so our answer remained the same: "Can't help you."

By 3.30 pm (she's been at our house since 11.15 am), I told her I'm going to my class. [personal profile] adlina was sleeping, so I figured she would get the hint and leave. But, NO! She obviously didn't, and just said, "Oh, okay." I was being extremely noisy when I was leaving, and for someone who supposed to be smart, she sure can pretend to be stupid.

Thank God when I came back at 6.30, she already left. Or else, I would probably snapped.

I think the same thing happened at some of our friends' house, and like us, they also grew tired of it.
In a way, I'm in luck for her not being able to read this for the next few months, unless she get a continuous internet with her and decides to be a busybody here at DW as well.

ps. I just could not resist it; I got Paid account! Thanks to [personal profile] adlina for paying first.! *hugs*

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Adlina: Gingerbread[personal profile] adlina on May 27th, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
Ahh, I missed the drama because I was sleeping then *___* Darnit. I woke up at 7.05pm (says my fast-forward you-know-which clock), and slept again until 11pm.

Hahah! Inorite?? DW is too tempting to resist :3 And now you owe me $17 for LJ + DW, LOL~

Now we can edit comments too~

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amirah: Choose for Me?[personal profile] amirah on May 27th, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)
And all the time I made those noise, I could not help but wonder, 'Why are you not waking up??!!'

Not much drama actually, you know me.

I-I mean, 75 icons?? If I can't resist LJ's 30 icons, what make you think I can resist this??

Is so stealing the icons you made, like, NOW.

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Adlina: kamikorosu: Mellow Hibari[personal profile] adlina on May 27th, 2009 03:52 am (UTC)
Hahah! So it was the icon count that got you in the end :3 Lol, yes. 75 icons~ Now I rejoice. I probably also need to start filling up my empty icon slots in LJ. After 6 years, I forgot the original paid account allows 30 icons. I was wondering why the hell I have 47 icon slots *__*

It's worth it, paying for an account here. I have the 'organised' feeling here. Ne?

Go steal the icons, no probs I'll make more soon~
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